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MRIGlobal Experts to Present Seven Posters and Co-Present a Breakout Session at the Association Of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) Annual Meeting

Global Health Surveillance

MRIGlobal experts have co-developed a breakout session on food safety and security and will also present seven posters related to food safety, global health, infectious disease at the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) Annual Meeting May 3-6 at the Union Station Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri. The MRIGlobal team will also be on hand as an exhibitor (Booth 325). MRIGlobal is proud to be an APHL Silver Sustaining Member of their corporate partners.

Kenny Yeh (MRIGlobal) and Robyn Atkinson-Dunn (State of Utah Public Health) co-developed this breakout session (TUE 4 JUN, Regency Ballroom C):

Food Safety and Security: How Technology and Regulation Impact Foodborne Outbreaks on a Global Scale

  • Bill Marler, JD, Marler Clark (moderator)
  • Tim Dallman, PhD, Public Health England (panelist)
  • Leslie D. Hintz, US FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) (panelist)

The seven posters shown below will also be presented at APHL

(Presenter’s in bold)

Title: Food Safety Trends for Food Products Refused for Import into the United States
Authors: Tamar Dickerson1, Kenny Yeh1 and Julie Lucas1
1MRIGlobal, Gaithersburg, MD

Title: Chicken and Egg; a Catch 22 Paradox for Surveillance and Control of Avian Influenza
Authors: Brian Backstedt1, Julia Michelotti1, Julie Lucas1, Gene Olinger1, and Kenny Yeh1
1MRIGlobal, Gaithersburg, MD

Title: Analytical Validation of a Sample-to-Sequence Pipeline for Non-Targeted Pathogen Detection in Clinically Relevant Matrices
Authors: Kyle Parker1, Brittany Knight1, Hillary Wood1, David Yarmosh1, Joe Russell1, JR Aspinwall1, Kristine Werking1, Patrick Chain2, P Li2, Karen Davenport2, Richard Winegar1
1MRIGlobal, Gaithersburg, MD, 2Los Alamos National Laboratory

Title: Integration of Human and Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Personnel Capacity Building Efforts in Guinea and Senegal
Authors: Jean Ndjomou1, Nadia Wauquier1, Scott Shearrer1,Jane S. Alam1, Carmen Asbun1, Brendan Karlstrand1, Mar Mar1, Lance Presser1, Sharon Altmann1, 1MRIGlobal, Gaithersburg, MD

Title: Diagnostic Drug Susceptibility Testing Platform Comparison for the NIAID Mycobacterium tuberculosis Quality Assurance Program Isolate Repository
Authors: Erin Tacheny1, Ryan Howard1, Alex Terray1, Nikki Parrish2, Derek Armstrong2, Jeanette Coffin1
1MRIGlobal, Gaithersburg, MD, 2Johns Hopkins University

Title: Assessment of Laboratory Procedures and Sample Handling for Optimal Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Gastric Fluid
Authors: Jeanette Coffin1, Tamar Dickerson1, Ryan Howard1, Erin Tacheny1
1MRIGlobal, Gaithersburg, MD