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A New Age of Portable Testing Equipment: Introducing the Mercury Lab

The Mercury Lab is an innovative portable testing equipment unit that allows for a full scope of lab work within a design that compares to a single-person work bench. Created by the team at MRIGlobal, this lab goes beyond traditional mobile labs and can easily travel from location to location. 

This unique mobile capability makes the Mercury Lab great for a variety of applications such as agriculture, food inspections, forensics and crime scenes, disaster response, and infectious disease diagnostics. With a lifetime that could last for several years, the Mercury Lab is a long-term unit with benefits that will continue to grow as technology expands. 

Below are a few highlights that come with this innovation in portable testing equipment. 

You can power the Mercury Lab with a car battery. 

The Mercury lab can run using a 12-volt car battery or a 6-volt motorcycle battery. For people in the U.S., the lab has 120-volt capability. To convert to the power outlets overseas (such as the E.U. and Africa), we have a 12-volt/220-volt power unit. 

The Mercury Lab complements a central reference lab.

Our goal with the Mercury Lab is to help alleviate the number of samples that enter the central reference lab. In our experience, many central labs face a bottleneck effect where there are too many samples coming in but not enough capacity to get through them at the pace our clients need. Instead of trying to squeeze samples into one place, the Mercury lab allows you to obtain samples, analyze them, and get results while on the field. 

Keep in mind these analyses will not be as specific or detailed as a central lab. But they will allow you to make presumptive positives to determine whether or not you want to delve further into a sample (by bringing it back to your central lab for further analysis). In doing so, you can filter how many samples are shipped to a central reference lab, which can help you save time and money.

No portable testing equipment is similar to the Mercury Lab.

Right now the Mercury Lab is the only portable lab on the market that works as a single-person pack. There are other options such as trucks and containerized labs, but you won’t get the same freedom nor mobility as you will with the Mercury Lab. 

Learn more about the Mercury Lab with MRIGlobal

For more than 75 years, MRIGlobal has advanced scientific research across a variety of industries. We focus on supporting better health outcomes on a global scale. For us, it’s not simply about science; it’s about the people who make it all happen. 

We have a solution-driven mentality that allows us to find answers in even the most complex situations. Through our dedication, we can solve virtually any technical problem. 

To learn more about the Mercury Lab and other options for portable testing equipment, contact us at 816-753-7600.

If you’re part of an agency, business, or academic institution seeking help with a project, use our Project Quote Tool to get started today. Our Mercury Labs are also available for preorder, which are expected to be available by Summer 2020. 

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