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Manufacturing High Quality Prototypes

Defense Human Health

Advancing Products and Technologies to Market

We are committed to continuously advancing products and technologies that improve national defense and global health.

When faced with the need to manufacture prototype devices on a limited production run, while maintaining high quality and within tight schedules, clients call on us.

One of our engineering laboratories is an 1,100 square foot facility equipped to rapidly design, build, test, and evaluate prototypes. This includes a range of 3D printers, CNC laser cutting, fume snorkels for local dust control, and distributed power and data connections. We utilize vibration tables and drop tests to confirm that devices we’ve manufactured and are evaluating will withstand expected real-world conditions.

In addition, a range of in-house aerosol and vapor challenge systems will efficiently test sampling or detection system performance using simulants, toxic industrial chemicals, or actual chem or bio agents for relevant programs.

For decades, we have proven our ability to manufacture high quality prototypes, advancing products and technologies into the market.



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