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What does it mean to work at a not-for-profit organization?

MRIGlobal was founded in 1944 as the not-for-profit Midwest Research Institute. Over the past 75 years, we have grown and developed into MRIGlobal, where we use science and technology to create solutions for a safer, healthier, more sustainable world. We’ve become one of the best places to work in Kansas City!

We are recruiting talent to join our team! If you’re looking for a career in Kansas City, consider what it means to work at a not-for-profit.

What is a not-for-profit?

Not-for-profit organizations are different from nonprofits. Basically, we’re not here to put money in the pockets of shareholders, but we’re not tax-exempt the way a nonprofit is. The money we earn goes back into our organization so we can continue making the world a healthier, safer place. 

As a not-for-profit, our employees are paid before any revenue is invested into our mission. 

Why choose to work at a not-for-profit?

The most important aspect for most people who choose working for a not-for-profit organization is being a part of a team with similar goals. When you work for a for-profit company there’s no getting around the fact that the top goal is profit. When you work at MRIGlobal, the top goal is creating solutions to make the world a better place.

It doesn’t hurt that not-for-profit organizations tend to pay slightly higher salaries than non-profit organizations! Without the focus of turning profits over to shareholders, not-for-profit organizations can put more toward employee total reward programs  while still being able to invest heavily back into the goals they’re working for. 

Join our team at MRIGlobal

We are honored to be one of the best places to work in Kansas City! If you’re interested in a career creating a safer, healthier, more sustainable world, learn more about MRIGlobal careers and view our job openings.