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Scientist Spotlight

Joe Russell, Ph.D. – Mercury Lab

Senior Scientist in the Global Health Surveillance Division at MRIGlobal,  is using hand-held molecular hardware paired with mobile labs to produce even faster result times in the field.

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Chris Hollars, Ph.D. – Athena Lab and COVID-19 Testing

Associate Director in the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Division at MRIGlobal who works side-by-side with government clients to provide out of the box solutions for COVID-19 testing.


Chris Hollars

Claire Croutch, Ph.D. – Silverlon and Healing Our Warfighters

MRIGlobal’s toxicologist and senior section manager who recently worked hand-in-hand with Argentum to get Silverlon bandages FDA approval for treating mustard gas burns.


Claire Croutch

Kristine Werking – Diagnostic Testing

Kristine Werking leads MRIGlobal’s newest expansion, the Diagnostics Center of Excellence, and has more than 22 years of experience in laboratory science and project management.


Kristine Werking

John Cobb – Environmental Stresses on Medications

John Cobb manages technical staff in MRIGlobal’s Pharmaceutical Analysis Group, which performs analytical work for both government and commercial clients.  John’s work has supported industrial and pharmaceutical products studies and has supported several programs at the National Cancer Institute.

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