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Protecting Warfighters and First Responders

Defense Human Health

Analytical Laboratory Supports Research to Counter WMDs


The science we conduct can be small. Sometimes, very small. In one of our laboratories, our work helps protect warfighters and first responders in the line of duty and ensures the safety of pharmaceuticals for consumers. This 1,300 square foot analytical laboratory supports a variety of applications including preclinical and clinical, biological, forensic, and defense research.

Our team uses specialized TDGCMS instrumentation in this laboratory to characterize vapor samples to verify vapor chamber concentrations to support development, testing, and evaluation of individual and collective warfighter protection equipment for countering weapons of mass destruction.

We test for subnanogram quantities of chemical warfare agents and drug products like fentanyl.

We also utilize our custom-built libraries to identify unknown impurities in active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products, characterize botanical extracts relevant to toxicity, and conduct risk assessment initiatives.

This work – exacting and on an exceedingly small scale – helps keep us all safe from the pharmacy to the frontlines.


Contact MRIGlobal to further understand our expertise in testing and evaluating these and other countermeasures, as well as our work testing and evaluating Chemical, Biological, and Explosives detection equipment and products for use in the field or laboratory to help counter the WMD threat.

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