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Protecting Against Chemical and Infectious Disease Threat Agents

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Creating a Safer World Against Chemical and Infectious Threats

There is no shortage of reasons we need to protect against chemical and infectious agents. MRIGlobal’s medical countermeasures and therapeutics team is dedicated to vaccine and therapeutic testing.

Headquartered in Kansas City, MRIGlobal is a not-for-profit contract research organization specializing in human health, pharmaceutical sciences, in-vitro diagnostics, defense, energy, agriculture, and global health. Our solution-driven teams are dedicated to finding answers that will make the country and world safer for all from chemical and infectious disease threat agents.

The value of vaccines and therapeutics

Potentially dangerous agents can be weaponized for use against soldiers or even civilians in domestic settings. Threats from dangerous chemical and infectious agents aren’t limited to malice; accidents can be just as devastating to public safety. Industrial accidents can lead to mass exposure to dangerous chemicals, too. Even if only one person is potentially exposed to something dangerous, countermeasures are vitally important.

To us, that means developing models to screen therapeutics to see if they will help mitigate the toxic effects of those dangerous agents.

Why partner with MRIGlobal 

When you choose to partner with MRIGlobal for screening and testing of vaccines and therapeutics, you get the benefit of our extensive selection of models by which to test therapeutics. Just as important is our ability to be flexible and come up with new ways of driving these studies scientifically.

Not all of the countermeasures or therapeutics that we screen will pass. Some companies may accept that result with nothing more than a write- up of the fact that the therapeutic did not work as planned in the original testing model. We choose to dig a little deeper and we can suggest what may have worked to help the countermeasure pass the screening. 

For instance, maybe the challenge agent was helped by the therapeutic for 24 hours and then it stopped being effective. That would likely prompt us to suggest a second dose. Our scientists and technicians will be looking into the intricacies of the results and the tests to see what works best. 

Getting started with MRIGlobal Therapeutics Testing and Development

Contact MRIGlobal and get started with therapeutics testing and development today. Whether you are screening a vaccine, inoculation, or chemical therapeutic, we have the team and experience to get you where you want to go. 

As a not-for-profit contract research organization, we have proven ourselves as an objective partner, driven to make our clients’ products more successful. We specialize in  defense, human health, pharmaceutical sciences, in-vitro diagnostics, energy and environment, agriculture, and global health.

To learn more about the work we’ve done or how we can help you, contact us today. If you are part of an agency, business, or academic institution seeking assistance with a project, use our Project Quote Tool to get started.

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