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Multiple Presentations at the 2019 DTRA CBDS&T Conference In Cincinnati, Ohio


MRIGlobal experts presented ten topics at the 2019 DTRA CBDS&T conference November 18-21 at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Attendees learned from our world-class leaders and experts about current developments in chemical and biological defense research. See below for a list of topics.

The presentations included:

  • “Actionable Information in the Digital Battlespace”
    By Dr. Paul Haney (MRIGlobal) and David Godso (Relevant Technologies, Inc.)
    Power Session 1; Monday at 4:30
  • “Target Amplicon Push-button Primer Retriever (TAPPR) ”
    By Phillip Davis, David Yarmosh, Alan Shteyman, John Bagnoli, and Dr. Joseph Russell (MRIGlobal)
    Poster 103/239, Tuesday 4:30-6:30pm
  • “GED: Now Is the Best Time to Learn About Genetic Engineering Detection”
    By Alan Shteyman, David Yarmosh, Dr. Joseph Russell, et. al. (MRIGlobal)
    Poster 127/263, Tuesday
  • “Expeditionary S2S”
    By David Yarmosh, Dr. Joseph Russell, et. al. (MRIGlobal)
  • “Silver-Nylon Treatment of Sulfur Mustard Burns: Bioengineering Assessment of Successful Wound Closure”
    Dr. Claire Croutch (MRIGlobal)
    Poster 66/399, Wednesday 4-6pm
  • In Vitro Efficacy of BOS-228, a Novel Monobactam, Against Gram-negative Biothreat Bacteria”
    Dr. Carl Gelhaus (MRIGlobal)Poster
    68/401, Wednesday
  • “Development of Francisella Tularensis SCHU S4 ΔclpB as a Vaccine for the Prevention of Pneumonic Tularemia in the Warfighter
    Dr. Carl Gelhaus (MRIGlobal)
    Poster 70/403, Wednesday
  • “Dermal CX Model Development/Qualification”
    Dr. Claire Croutch (MRIGlobal)
    Poster 123/456, Wednesday
  • “Development of a Wearable, Real-Time Methyl Salicylate Sensor for MIST”
    Dr. Keith Broekhuizen (MRIGlobal)
    Poster 189/522, Wednesday
  • “Vorpal: An RNA Virus Feature Extraction Algorithm”
    Phillip Davis (MRIGlobal)
    Talk; Thursday at 2:10