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MRIGlobal’s Values Shape Our Culture


Pin Program Prioritizes Values in Our Daily Work 

Our values are the beliefs and ideals that shape our culture, behavior, and the quality of our science. At MRIGlobal, our values are lived through our actions, decisions, and interactions with one another and our customers. As part of our rebrand, which you can read more about at “MRIGlobal Celebrates 80 Years of Scientific Excellence,” we defined the values that are most important to our work.  

INTEGRITY: We respect our clients and one another, are trustworthy, and are committed to transparency and accountability.

CARING: We cultivate understanding and empathy, support each other and our clients, foster an accepting and inclusive workplace, and celebrate the successes of our colleagues and institute. 

CURIOSITY: We embrace an innovative mindset, are committed to actively learning and evolving, and challenge the status quo to create new solutions. 

COLLABORATION: We build multidisciplinary teams to achieve common goals, develop rewarding partnerships, and enhance value creation for our clients. 

EXCELLENCE: We shape and deliver proactive, best-in-class solutions and service that result in an exceptional customer experience and a fulfilling environment for employees. 


To prioritize these values in our daily work, we then developed a program to celebrate them and reward, recognize, and reinforce values-driven behavior by our colleagues. This program was launched during brand week, which you can read more about at “Brand Week Celebrated New Brand Launch.” 

Five enamel pins, each expressing one of our five values, were distributed to each of our employees, accompanied by instructions for their use. When a colleague is observed going above and beyond in exemplifying one of these values, employees are encouraged to gift them the pin of the value they are demonstrating in recognition and gratitude of their work. When a values pin is received, employees are encouraged to wear it proudly on their lanyard or work bag, or display it in their workspace.   

Through 2024, employees are encouraged to give their five values pins when colleagues demonstrate these values-driven behaviors. In 2025 and every year after, all employees will be given a new set of values pins to give away. In doing so, each employee serves an important role in upholding our values and shaping the culture of our institute.   


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