Kansas Health Department's Three Mobile Laboratories - Vesta

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MRIGlobal’s Newest Mobile Laboratory, Vesta, Produced for Kansas Department of Health and Environment for Rural COVID-19 Testing

MRIGlobal announces the delivery of its newest model of mobile laboratories, Vesta.

The first units were delivered to Topeka for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and Kansas Health and Environmental Laboratories, the entities that contracted with MRIGlobal.

MRIGlobal designed and customized two Vesta mobile laboratories and one sample transit van. The units will be used to bring COVID-19 testing and vaccines to residents living in rural areas far from medical facilities and can be used to support general public health.

The units were showcased at a recent press conference at the Kansas Capitol in Topeka.  Secretary of the KDHE, Dr. Lee Norman said, “The units can be deployed whenever and wherever they are needed. They will reduce the time between the collection of a COVID-19 sample and reporting those results, will provide ample space for physicians to work, and will be deployed to locations throughout Kansas with continued testing needs.”

Dr. Norman said the mobile units can also be used for vaccine distribution. He added, “It will remain important for Kansans to remain vigilant in protecting themselves against COVID-19.”

“We appreciate the leadership of Governor Kelly and Dr. Lee Norman and the dedication of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment during this time. MRIGlobal is grateful to be a part of their efforts to make sure COVID-19 testing and vaccine distribution reaches those in the state with the greatest need,” Dean Gray, Ph.D., MRIGlobal, Vice President of Defense.

Vesta Mobile Laboratories

Vesta, MRIGlobal’s newest laboratory, is built on a heavy-duty box truck chassis (Freightliner MT-55). This mobile laboratory can deploy to those populations with all of the equipment necessary to run PCR analysis on site, reducing the time between sample collection and reporting.

Like all MRIGlobal mobile laboratories, Vesta is capable of running on- or off-grid, using an integrated generator.  The unit allows ample space for multiple technicians to work in a safe laboratory environment similar to what is found in a typical laboratory building.

When the mission is complete they are able to quickly pack up and move on to the next location. MRIGlobal’s Vesta Lab can be quickly adapted with cold storage for vaccine distribution in the same rural areas. The accompanying transit vehicle features special flooring to allow easy tie down of cargo, racks to store and deliver laboratory cargo, and height to accommodate personnel to stand inside.


Founded and headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri since 1944, MRIGlobal is an industry leader in engineering, deploying, and staffing modular, portable laboratories for accurate infectious disease detection, surveillance, and response. For nearly 20 years, MRIGlobal has been supporting the U.S. Department of Defense with mobile laboratory solutions to support global health and environmental detection of pathogens.