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MRIGlobal Experts Have Nine Presentations on Genomic Sequencing at 14th Sequencing, Finishing, and Analysis in the Future (SFAF) Meeting

Global Health Surveillance

MRIGlobal experts will have nine presentations at the 14th Sequencing, Finishing, and Analysis in the Future (SFAF) Meeting May 21-23 at La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico. The presentations include a panel discussion, three oral, and five poster presentations.

Kenny Yeh will lead a panel discussion:

Climate impacts on ecosystems and infectious diseases: The Important Role of Sequencing
Kenneth Yeh1, Jeanne Fair2, Woutrina Smith3, Richard Winegar1, Jacqueline Fletcher4.

A related panel discussion held at last year’s SFAF was just published: https://www.mdpi.com/2414-6366/4/2/78

Kyle Parker will present:

Development and optimization of an unbiased, metagenomics-based pathogen detection workflow for clinical and environmental matrices
Kyle Parker, Joseph A. Russell, Hillary Wood, David Yarmosh, Brittany Knight, Paul Li, Patrick Chain, J.R. Aspinwall, Kristine Werking, Richard Winegar

Joseph Russell will present:

PanGIA Bioinformatics – A Metagenomics Analytical Framework for Routine Biosurveillance
Joseph A. Russell1, Paul Li2, David Yarmosh1, Alan Shteyman1, Kyle Parker3, Hillary Wood3, Karen Davenport2, Patrick Chain2

David Yarmosh will present:

David Yarmosh, Joe Russell, Phil Davis, and John Bagnoli
T-MArC or Targeted Metagenomic Analysis through marker Creation

Poster presentations:

Mercury Lab – Bring the Laboratory to the Sample
Joseph A. Russell1

Subtracting Metagenomic Backgrounds: Towards the Ability to Remove Laboratory-specific Noise
Alan Shteyman1, Paul Li2, David Yarmosh1, Karen Davenport2, Patrick Chain2, Joseph A. Russell1

Development and Verification of a Multiplexed, Custom AmpliSeq Panel for Antimicrobial Resistance Characterization of Isolates for the NIH Mycobacterium tuberculosis Quality Assurance Program
Ryan Howard, Brittany Knight, David Yarmosh, John Bagnoli, and Erin Tacheny

Evaluation of a Library Enrichment Panel for Improved Detection of Viruses​
Kyle Parker, Brittany Knight, Jennifer Stone, Richard Winegar

Target Amplicon Push-button Primer Retriever (TAPPR)
Phil Davis, Dave Yarmosh, Alan Shteyman, John Bagnoli and Joe Russell