Mercury Lab Preorder

Our newly revealed Mercury Lab is now available for preorder.*

For a limited time, Mercury Lab will be available for a promotional introductory price. Complete the form for more information.


Mercury Lab is the first truly mobile, single-person portable laboratory for molecular biosurveillance. Our purpose-driven platform has all the equipment you need for a deployable, human-centered laboratory workbench.

Mercury Lab is designed to reduce the time and risk in field-forward advanced molecular diagnostics, biosurveillance, and forensic testing. It integrates hand-held molecular biology hardware with a power supply, cold-chain storage, computational capacity, a stable workbench, biohazard waste disposal strategies, and other features at the point of need. Mercury Lab lets you process samples on-site, alleviating bottlenecks and dramatically reducing the time to acquire an actionable result.

We constructed Mercury Lab in a single, lockable, grab-and-go case to be wheeled through an airport and checked as luggage, put in the back of a pickup truck, or even strapped to the back of a motorbike. It is set up on site in a few minutes, and packed up just as quickly. In short, Mercury Lab brings the lab to the sample. Named for the Roman messenger god, Mercury Lab will bring the message of genomic data to any place at any time.

*Units are expected to be available Summer 2020