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Leverage Expertise for Effective Opioid Response


This blog highlights key portions of the conversation took place in part 4 of our “Let’s Talk Fentanyl” podcast, which can be accessed through the links below, followed by the key takeaways summarization.

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So departments can effectively and safely respond to future calls that may be fentanyl-related, it’s important for them to collaborate on a strategy. For instance, a dedicated detection team can effectively collaborate with the police department, who oversees evidence collection. Coordination across departments also allows for an understanding of which are best equipped to respond to various situations, which have opioid overdose treatments available, and which are assigned responsibilities for communicating with the community when needed.

This last point is critically important should the number of fentanyl-related emergency calls suddenly increase, indicating that a bad batch is in town. The public information officer for one of the agencies can be assigned to communicate this information to local news outlets for their use. While doing so may not reduce the number of users or overdoses, it can alert their family members to be mindful of the situation and remind them to promptly call for help should it be needed.

Though first responders seldom walk onto the scene with the proper technology and gear for every situation, there are steps that can be taken to prepare for possible fentanyl exposure. A good first step is to understand the capabilities of various equipment available by visiting our CBRNE Tech Index site. MRIGlobal’s team of experts provide unbiased, third-party evaluations of a variety of detection and analysis equipment. On the site, first responders can view, search, compare, and assess this equipment to determine which product best suits their operational needs.

Departments can also engage their National Guard CST (Civil Support Team), which train for these situations. By planning ahead to understand their expertise and regional protocols for engaging them, these partners can provide a valuable service to the community.


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