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Energy Solutions

MRIGlobal is committed to creating a healthy, safe, and sustainable world.

That’s why we design and help deploy technology that supports an energy future for people everywhere. Our microgrid solutions provide energy reliability and resilience for commercial, industrial, and military applications and help improve energy access for underdeveloped countries.

Comprehensive Microgrid Energy Access Solutions

MRIGlobal performed energy demand assessments for US Trade Development Agency-funded minigrid projects for rural electrification of ~200,000 households in remote areas of Tanzania, Senegal, and Ghana. Our team applied field data to prepare conceptual and optimized designs of hybrid solar-battery-diesel minigrids. We performed economic and financial analyses to present bankable feasibility study reports required to seek project financing. MRIGlobal microgrid energy systems provide reliable power for analytical, forensic, and clinical diagnostic laboratories for the US military and humanitarian assistance programs throughout the world.

GridNXT Microgrid Testing Facility

Designed to meet the challenge of integrating increased renewable energy resources, GridNXT provides a flexible, easily accessible, and cost-competitive testbed, allowing technology providers to validate power system components in a plug-and-play mode for proprietary or collaborative testing.

Companies can integrate their individual equipment and devices with the microgrid or any specific microgrid components at multiple points using GridNXT-provided pads and switchgear. GridNXT is also designed to facilitate testing and demonstration of advanced grid management systems and has dedicated space available for testing complete microgrid systems (with custom programmed load scenarios). Systems and components can be tested year-round under full environmental conditions.

interconnectivity and testing capabilities:
  • New battery technologies
  • Advanced inverters
  • Component interoperability
  • Grid management systems
  • Programmable load banks
  • Single and three-phase distribution connections
  • System communications



Our Staff

Our staff of engineers and technicians are trusted for their expertise and innovative microgrid solutions.

We have the field and operational expertise necessary to design systems that are optimized for fuel savings and energy efficiency, ruggedness, energy security, mobility, modularity, and scalability.

Work with us

MRIGlobal looks forward to contributing our expertise where it matters most.

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