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Geometric Design

Our Transportation Research Center conducts research to determine the best design practices for moving people and goods across our highway system as efficiently and safely as possible.

Our research looks at how different design elements impact roadway safety and operations. MRIGlobal is nationally recognized for highway geometric design research expertise. Our projects address lane width, intersection design, interchange ramp design, and pedestrian and bike facilities. We develop geometric design guidance for highway agencies based on safety and traffic operational analyses. When innovative or untested approaches to highway design are implemented, MRIGlobal evaluates how the design affects safety, travel speed, lane departures, yielding rates, or capacity.

Geometric Design Research Topics


MRIGlobal has an array of experience. We conduct analyses of geometric design features including:

• Lane width
• Shoulder width
• Pavement width allocation (including bike lanes)
• Passing lanes
• Intersection design
• Interchange design
• Access design and density
• Roundabouts
• 13 controlling criteria for geometric design



Our Transportation Research Center staff have decades of experience and national recognition in highway geometric design, traffic safety, and traffic operations research.

For more than 45 years, MRIGlobal’s experts have researched the impact of geometric design features on safety and operations. Our staff have long been involved in the Transportation Research Board’s Committee on Highway Geometric Design, and regularly present research at national and international conferences. Our research results are published in national policies and guidance documents that are implemented at state and local levels.


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