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MRIGlobal’s Solar Technology Acceleration Center (SolarTAC) is the largest, independent test facility for solar and renewable technologies in the United States.

SolarTAC provides an exciting venue for researching, demonstrating, testing, and validating a broad range of solar technologies at the early commercial or near-commercial stage of development.

Our facility allows for testing both photovoltaic and concentrating solar power technologies, including access to grid interconnections. It is a developed and permitted site with all utilities and support services.


Key microgrid components available to participants through GridNXT:

  • 235 kW solar arrays (3-4 separate arrays)
  • 100 kW DC-power supply solar energy simulator (up to 2000 V)
  • 100 kW wind energy simulator
  • 500 kW diesel generator
  • 500 kVA programmable load bank
  • Communications/control shed with system management and data software
  • Equipment pads and switchgear
  • Multiple device connection capabilities
  • 4, 60 kW each pre-installed inverters

Test and Evaluation Results

Through the SolarTAC and GridNXT test facilities MRIGlobal supports a wide range of operational  requirements to demonstrate durability, reliability and resilience of pilot and commercial-scale technologies under full environmental and year round testing.


GridNXT Microgrid Testing

GridNXT at SolarTAC is located minutes from Denver International Airport. The GridNXT business structure offers exceptional accessibility regarding site user entry, simple and flexible user terms, and quick equipment installation.

Technology companies and renewable energy developers can access the facilities for several months or years depending on testing needs and objectives. On-site technical support and operation and maintenance services are also available.

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