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Representative Emanuel Cleaver Honors MRIGlobal with Congressional Resolution

In honor of MRIGlobal’s 75th Anniversary, 5th Congressional District of Missouri U.S. Representative Emanuel Cleaver II visited the organization’s Kansas City headquarters to present a resolution recognizing MRIGlobal’s contributions to the community, its impact on research, and leadership in furthering STEM education programs.

The Congressman presented the resolution to MRIGlobal President and CEO Thomas Sack, Ph.D., at a gathering of employees and board members on August 6. “I am honored to represent the employees of great non-profit companies like MRIGlobal,” the resolution states. “I ask my colleagues in the United States House of Representatives to join me in congratulating MRIGlobal on 75 years of progress and wishing them continued growth and success in the years ahead,” said Cleaver.

Sack remarked “Mr. Cleaver has been a friend of MRIGlobal for many years, dating back to when he was the mayor of Kansas City. We appreciate his steadfast support over the years of MRIGlobal, our city, state and great nation.”

The resolution was read and inserted into the Congressional Record on July 11. To read the entire version, click here.