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Scientific Solutions and Customer Value with Small- and Mid-Sized Partners


Partner Relationships Benefit Customers with Specialized Scientific Solutions

With world-class research laboratories and expertise across applied scientific and engineering research, MRIGlobal is well-equipped to address the world’s most important challenges. In cases when customer needs are uniquely specialized, we will also partner with the right companies – many of which are small- and mid-sized – to support fulfilling research needs with scientific solutions. When establishing those partnerships, it is because we are committed to exceeding customer expectations.  

“Unlike many CROs, MRIGlobal will only establish a partnership when we believe there will be a clear benefit for our customer, resulting in the best possible outcome for them.” 

To learn more about our partnerships with small- and mid-sized companies, we spoke with Dominie Garcia, Director of Business Development for MRIGlobal’s Health business.  

How does MRIGlobal approach partnerships with small- and mid-sized companies?
Unlike many CROs, MRIGlobal will only establish a partnership when we believe there will be a clear benefit for our customer, resulting in the best possible outcome for them. This ensures that we’re delivering value for our customer, which is our priority.  

What is the benefit for customers of MRIGlobal partnering with others?  
While our laboratories and teams of researchers are world class, customers can have very specialized needs for expertise or instrumentation. When their needs warrant additional expertise in the design, development, or execution of research, we call on partners to help support that work. In that way, we’re not only providing research, but also bringing in the right expertise in a way that delivers the best possible outcomes for our customers. Some of these relationships with other companies and individuals go back decades, so we’re quite familiar with their capabilities and the benefits they will provide our customers.  

It sounds like that relationship extends beyond us being not only a CRO, but also a solutions provider. Our commitment to customers goes beyond serving only as their research partner – our depth of knowledge, laboratories, and network means we also often serve as a solutions provider. In some cases, we may have the majority of a solution, but need specialized expertise to further develop and complete the work. In those cases, we will source the right complementary partner to do so in collaboration with us, presenting our shared solution or results to the customer. Ultimately, this leads to the best possible outcomes for the customer and their research.  

Do other companies also call on MRIGlobal to be their partner?
Absolutely – it’s rare to find the expertise and laboratories like what MRIGlobal has in disease diagnostics, pharmaceutical sciences, and engineering research. We often receive calls from other organizations looking to tap into these capabilities. Just as with our own customers, we provide them with this expertise and the innovative solutions we’re known for to address their important challenges.  


Contact MRIGlobal’s Dominie Garcia to further understand how partnerships benefit our customers.  

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