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First Phase of New Diagnostics Center of Excellence Opens

In Vitro Diagnostics

The first phase of a plan to establish a Diagnostics Center of Excellence at MRIGlobal’s headquarters in Kansas City has been completed and is now fully operational.

MRIGlobal’s College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified Reference Laboratory Services laboratory was completed in July.

CAP/CLIA Laboratory

The opening of the 1,100-square foot CAP/CLIA laboratory is the first step toward completion of a new Diagnostics Center of Excellence. More lab space is currently undergoing renovation and expansion. The new Center of Excellence will ultimately add 45 new highly skilled employees with advanced degrees It will also attract millions in research and development dollars to the local economy.

Phase 1 and 2 are a result of growing demand for MRIGlobal’s expertise in diagnostics research and clinical development. It better equips the organization to solve its clients’ problems in the areas of infectious disease detection, surveillance, and global bio-engagement.

MRIGlobal’s CAP/CLIA lab uses sophisticated techniques, workflows, and approaches to assist with the development, evaluation, and validation of molecular diagnostic assays. CLIA federal regulations for clinical laboratories provide industry standards for testing of human samples for the purposes of diagnosis, prevention, treatment or assessment of disease.

When Phase 2 of the Diagnostics Center of Excellence opens in November it will occupy 7,500 square feet of newly renovated space with flexible state-of-the-art laboratories designed specifically to support all phases of in-vitro diagnostic product development.

“The addition of our CAP/CLIA lab to Kansas City is exciting because it means we’re close to completing this important initiative that enables us to better respond to a growing and dynamic market,” said Thomas Sack, Ph.D., MRIGlobal President and Chief Executive Officer. “We’re eager to expand on the great work we’re already doing in the diagnostics arena.”

Diagnostic Programs

MRIGlobal manages a variety of large commercial in vitro diagnostic programs. In vitro diagnostics are tests performed on human blood or tissue for purposes of disease detection and monitoring. These programs range from the development of cutting edge, molecular-based assays focused on detecting low levels of highly pathogenic diseases to the advancement of novel, ultra-sensitive diagnostic panels for identifying and quantifying different strains of the influenza virus.

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