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CAP/CLIA Laboratory for Quality Testing

Global Health Surveillance In Vitro Diagnostics

Ready for the Next Outbreak, Epidemic, or Pandemic

CAP and CLIA – These are well-known accreditation bodies for anyone who works in a hospital setting. Today, clients demand that same level of certification and accreditation to ensure their research results meet and exceed industry standards for clinical laboratory testing. It is this rigorous quality that we offer in our CAP/CLIA laboratory.

In this BSL-2 laboratory space, we maintain an extensive array of instrumentation that includes every major piece of diagnostic equipment on the market. This laboratory also allows for easy shuffling of instrumentation, giving us the flexibility to meet evolving client needs.

In the last year, we have onboarded more than 15 clinical assays, with at least that many already scheduled to be onboarded in the near future. In fact, one recent assay was onboarded and approved for use in less than 10 days.

This unique combination of instrumentation, operational readiness, and continuous improvement enables us to quickly support Emergency Use Authorizations and 510(k) clearances for client FDA submissions.

When the next outbreak, epidemic, or pandemic occurs, we are ready to respond.


Contact MRIGlobal to further understand our work in infectious diseases. We offer a broad portfolio of infectious disease testing assays and capabilities across diagnostic disciplines, from screening and diagnosis to genotyping, therapy, and monitoring. Those seeking support to advance the research, development, and validation of infectious disease tests can trust in our breadth of experience and knowledge – not just on the subject matter, but FDA protocols as well.

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