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The State of Innovation

2022 Impact Report

From the Pharmacy
to the Frontlines

2022 Impact Report

Innovation is rarely captured in a sudden spark of brilliance. It is the byproduct of our clients setting high expectations and our team consistently rising to exceed the demands of the mission.

At MRIGlobal, our commitment to solving the world’s most important challenges directs our steadfast discipline to producing at the highest levels of quality, with an unwavering focus on creating value for those partners.

In the past year, this approach has resulted in remarkable innovations that help keep all of us safe and healthy from the pharmacy to the frontlines.

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Experience. Quality. Convenience.

Expanded Repository and Biorepository Benefit Pharmaceutical Partners

The global pharmaceutical industry is continuously challenged by the pace of new and lifesaving drug development, relying on only their most trusted and full-service collaborators.

As a partner in this work, we expanded our cGMP pharmaceutical repository and analysis capabilities. The repository now includes the addition of a foreign trade zone, serving as the first stop for materials shipped into the United States but not yet approved by the FDA. Additional investment supported expansion of our pharmaceutical stability facility, enabling studies to assess and demonstrate drug safety and potency. Supporting clinical trials, we also created a new biorepository to store, analyze, and ship biological specimens and samples such as blood, urine, tissues, cells, DNA, RNA, and protein.

Each area is managed by our team of highly educated, trained, and creative scientists who provide our clients with unmatched experience, quality, and convenience. These synergistic and centralized services provide end-to-end support for clinical trials, accelerating drug development in the fight against human disease and positioning our clients to meet the challenges for years to come.

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Panel Detects SARS-CoV-2 on a PCR Platform, Providing Greater Equity in Care

The past few years have demonstrated the demand for rapid and accurate genotyping PCR assays that can reach more people and be performed in less complex settings.

In a breakthrough for SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics, we played a key role in research on the design, development, testing, and validation of a multiplex panel that detects five major variants of concern – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Omicron – all on a portable platform.

This advancement enables extended availability of rapid, accessible, and portable genotyping capabilities to low resource settings around the world, as the assays provide quick results, can be stored at room temperature, and are utilized on handheld PCR devices.

These assays will improve equitable access to testing for populations around the world, helping increase the availability of genotyping tests in remote areas. Rapid and accessible testing will also support quick decision making with respect to public health measures and treatment options for individual patients, potentially saving lives.

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User-Friendly. Secure. Expandable.

Streamlining Development of Capabilities to Keep Warfighters Safe

Threats to the Joint Forces from chemical and biological weapons remain significant. To help keep warfighters safe, candidate warning systems must be proven prior to fielding.

To simplify that effort, we designed and built the Open Architecture Data Management System (OADMS). This user-friendly, secure, and expandable data management system enables the efficient operation of the Test Grid at Dugway Proving Ground, which is a key facility for proving the efficacy of new and upgraded chemical and biological detectors.

The OADMS enables remote control and real-time situational awareness of all Test Grid fielded assets like point and standoff detectors, meteorological sensors, and simulated threat cloud production systems. The system automatically collects and synchronizes data from these numerous disparate devices and presents it to the analysis team in a standardized format, enabling rapid evaluation of candidate detection systems.

With this system in place, the Test Grid provides unmatched capabilities for conducting chemical and biological simulant testing. This streamlines development of effective threat detection sensors and protection equipment that keep warfighters safe in the field.

From the Pharmacy to the Frontlines

We take great pride in the solutions we innovate with our clients, addressing some of the most important challenges in defense and health.

You’re always welcome to visit us at our Kansas City, Missouri headquarters to meet with our teams and tour our laboratories. While visiting, we’re interested in learning more about the important challenges you face and talking about the solutions we will provide to make our partnership and your project a success.

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