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North Kansas City Repository Celebrates 1,500th shipment for National Cancer Institute Division of Cancer Prevention

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The crew at the Roger Harris Repository in North Kansas City, along with Principal Investigator…

The crew at the Roger Harris Repository in North Kansas City, along with Principal Investigator Jon White and Product Development and Repository Management Division Director Kathy Boggess, celebrates its 1,500th shipment of clinical trial agents for the National Cancer Institute Division of Cancer Prevention (NCI DCP).

After a celebratory lunch, the team watched as the 1,500th shipment was packed and sent off. “Everyone at MRIGlobal who works in this program has a great sense of accomplishment,” said White. “It’s a significant milestone!”

About Our Repository

MRIGlobal has offered repository management services to clients for more than 40 years. Support services include procurement, receipt, storage, and distribution of drug substances, drug products, and clinical trial materials. Other available services include analytical, safety/security, and quality assurance. The 10,000 sq ft Roger Harris Repository resides within MRIGlobal’s 87,000 sq ft warehouse facility located in North Kansas City, MO. The repository receives, ships, quarantines, stores and supports services necessary to maintain clinical drug agents, products and specimens.

Support for Repository Projects:

  • Analytical Support—Identity Confirmation and Comprehensive API and Drug Product Testing, Including ICH Stability Testing
  • Worldwide Distribution and Cold Chain Management
  • Repository for NCI’s Oncology Portfolio of >6,500 Compounds
  • Repository for NCI DCP Chemoprevention Agents
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