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Effective and efficient testing of detection systems and collective protection ensembles in an outdoor environment, with threat representative simulants, is a critical need in the C/B defense community. To meet the communities’ evolving test needs, novel equipment is needed to generate on-demand a C/B aerosol or chemical vapor simulant cloud of specific size, concentration, and particle size. The C/B Test Grid Upgrade Program, sponsored by the JPEO CBD, with Exelis Inc. as the prime contractor, has developed several sophisticated, integrated systems to meet this need by providing controllable C/B disseminations for use at the Dugway Proving Ground (DPG).

Individual dissemination systems for dry and wet biological aerosols, chemical vapors, and dry chemical aerosols were designed to meet the requirements of the testing community. Candidate systems were prototyped and evaluated through breeze tunnel and open-field testing at DPG. Systems best achieving test objectives were down-selected and subjected to further development. The design of the down-selected systems was completed and subjected to preliminary design review (PDR) and critical design review (CDR) milestones with the Government and testing community stakeholders.

Test results have demonstrated that the new dissemination systems deliver a targeted concentration (vapor and wet or dry aerosol) and particle size (wet or dry aerosol) of simulant significant distances downwind of the release point. Providing both stationary and mobile dissemination, simulant clouds can be delivered to specific locations downwind and environmental factors are better accommodated. The C/B Test Grid program has successfully developed new dissemination assets for DPG that increase and improve testing capabilities. This provides for more efficient and effective test program execution, and furthermore allows for testing to better meet the communities’ evolving needs.