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When the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa challenged world health, MRIGlobal responded by leading a highly complex mission of designing, constructing, deploying, and operating transportable, modular Ebola Virus Disease diagnostic laboratories in Sierra Leone and Guinea.

The deep experience of MRIGlobal’s multidisciplinary team of biologists; engineers; safety, security, and quality assurance professionals, and the leveraging of previously developed diagnostic SOPs and biological safety procedures supported the development of a robust diagnostic workflow that was used to successfully analyzed over 20,000 diagnostic samples.

MRIGlobal’s team was able to establish local standardized testing and result reporting that greatly increased the confidence the clinicians had in the diagnostic results and led to a significant reduction in sample testing turnaround time. These improvements had a direct impact on patient care and disease tracking which was integral in controlling the spread of Ebola Virus Disease.

MRIGlobal’s collaborations with several USG agencies, US National Laboratories and Research Centers, international partners, and in-country stakeholders were critical to the success of this Ebola outbreak response. The Governments of Sierra Leone and Guinea have since adopted these laboratory capabilities and are now beginning to integrate them into their national laboratory infrastructures.