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Animal Health

Customized, Qualified, and Committed to Client Success

MRIGlobal is uniquely qualified to perform vaccine challenge and infectious disease pathogen evaluation.  Our Quality Assurance program, combined with our advanced, specialized animal care facilities, make MRIGlobal a trustworthy partner in solving clients’ specific animal health challenges.

  • Target Animal Safety Studies
  • Specialty Animal Models
  • Bioanalytical
  • Animal Diagnostics

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Featured Work

MRIGlobal Leads International Research Collaboration for Tularemia Vaccine

MRIGlobal Leads International Research Collaboration for Tularemia Vaccine

Collaboration includes scientists from Canada, Sweden, U.S. in $6.2 million Defense Threat Reduction Agency contract award. MRIGlobal has been awarded a $6.2 million, 5-year program from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) for the development of a vaccine for tularemia. The award continues a long-standing international co-operation to develop a tularemia vaccine. Tularemia is a disease of animals and humans…

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Unique Facilities and Offerings

Animal Health and Toxicology

MRIGlobal has more the 30 plus years of experience providing solutions to animal health companies, including safety testing, bioequivalence studies, and biomarker development. Expertise in therapeutics at varying stages of development, providing a custom approach to address the specific needs/requirements of each program.

  • Animal Health Toxicology and Safety T&E for Regulatory Support
  • Customized study designs and alternative animal models (Specialty solutions)
  • Complete bioanalytical and chemistry support
  • Multiple routes of exposure
  • Toxicokinetics and pharmacokinetics
  • Clinical chemistry and histopathology
  • Acute and sub-chronic studies
  • GLP and preliminary/investigative studies
  • Customized study designs and alternative animal models

Clinical chemistry and histopathology

Unmatched Chemistry Support With more than three decades of experience characterizing chemicals for use in toxicology studies, we offer:

  • Characterization (method development) of test materials and formulation ingredients
  • Special chemical analysis such as impurity identification
  • Dose formulation and analysis, including method development, validation, and stability
  • Analysis of biological samples (plasma, urine, tissue samples)

Conducting pivotal companion animal safety studies, including the parameters of:

  • Opthalmology
  • Cardiovascular (EKG)
  • Primary Hemostasis (BMBT)
  • Dose preparation (capsules, IV)
  • Dose administration (oral, dermal, IV)
  • In-life (BW, FC, Clin Obs)
  • Hematology Coagulation Profile
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Urinalysis
  • Dental Care
  • Biomarkers (Troponin, I CK)
  • Necropsy with histopathology
  • Pharmacokinetics Sampling/Assessment


AAALAC accredited and USDA and DHHS-OLAW approved animal care facilities capable of housing multiple species, including companion animals. In addition to conventional facilities, maintain several biocontainment facilities (ABSL2, ABSL3) additionally approved by the CDC, which can be used when restricted biological organisms are required for MCM efficacy testing.

Techniplast caging for optimal animal health and collection efficiency plus protection against cross-contamination.

Excellence in Project Management

MRIGlobal works with a wide variety of Study Sponsors, providing beginning to end support for each study.  Regulatory compliance, study management, and data reporting are an integral part of every study and include GLP, CVM guidelines, USDA OPPTS, Study Protocol, IACUC approval of protocols, statistics, a communication schedule, timelines/milestones/metrics, automated data capture, QA audited reports (GLP studies), and on-line sponsor data sharing.