Science Pioneers Honors MRIGlobal

Apr 05
Science Pioneers Honors MRIGlobal

160331_247.JPGKansas City, Mo. – MRIGlobal announces the receipt of the first Science Pioneers STEM Business Award.

MRIGlobal was presented the STEM Business Award for support of Science Pioneers since its inception 60 years ago. Dr. Charles N. Kimball, who founded Science Pioneers, was the President and Chief Executive of the Midwest Research Institute, now MRIGlobal. MRIGlobal has provided consistent leadership on Science Pioneers board, plus financial support as well as the expertise of its scientists and researchers who serve as judges and mentors.

Science Pioneers announced a new STEM Hall of Fame series of awards to recognize contributions from business, teachers, volunteers and students for their commitments to STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – in Kansas City.

More than 200 students, parents, teachers, executives and civic leaders celebrated Thursday, March 31, at Union Station at an event kicking off the 65th annual Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair. 

MRIGlobal will be memorialized on a Science Pioneers STEM Hall of Fame plaque hanging in Kansas City's Union Station.

About Science Pioneers: Science Pioneers began blazing the trail of inspiring and engaging students in science exploration in 1956. We nurture critical thinking and creative problem-solving in students and teachers, leading to deeper understanding of our world and how to improve it through science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Science Pioneers (SciPi) inspires and encourages young people to pursue STEM studies to meet the demands of global competition and acquire the skills needed for 21st century careers.